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When teeth are broken or weakened by decay or damage has been inflicted somehow, crowns are often the restoration of choice.

A dental crown is designed to fit securely over the remaining part of the tooth to strengthen and protect it from further damage. Crowns look and perform just like natural teeth. These versatile restorations blend seamlessly with their neighbours and restore bite function.

We may use crowns to improve the appearance of discoloured fillings or unsightly amalgam. They offer a vast improvement in aesthetics, function and longevity where fillings haven’t worked. They primarily protect vulnerabilities in your teeth to stop further infections or damage.

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Dental Crowns in Hartlepool

There are many reasons as to why you might need a crown. Here at Bentley Mathieson Dental Clinic, we guarantee that we have the solutions to your problem. If you’ve had root canal treatment, we may use a crown to cap, seal and protect the restored tooth. We may also use them to secure a bridge or denture in place too.

Crowns are a multifunctional solution to many dental problems and don’t usually require any special aftercare, just an excellent oral hygiene routine. By looking after your crown and the rest of your teeth, you extend the longevity of your smile.

If you have a problem with your smile that you think could benefit from a crown, don’t hesitate to call our practice today. Our friendly and welcoming team can help you discover your treatment options. Call us to book a consultation now and see how Bentley Mathieson Dental Clinic can help you.

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Dental Crowns FAQs

How much do crowns cost?

Prices can vary depending on different aspects of your case. You should contact our team today to find out what the best treatments options are for you.

Who can get a dental crown?

Pretty much anyone can benefit from a dental crown; you should contact our practice to arrange a consultation with us and determine how eligible you are.

How do I care for a dental crown?

You should always keep up a regular and healthy oral hygiene routine. By looking after your dental crown, brushing and flossing the same way you would normal teeth, you can extend your dental crown’s longevity.

How long do dental crowns last?

Your dental crown could last you decades if you take good care of it. Remember to keep on top of a great oral hygiene routine, including brushing and flossing to extend the life of your crown.

Do dental crowns hurt?

No, we always ensure the right amount of anaesthetic is used and ensure you’re the most comfortable you can be before beginning your treatment. We’ll give you all the aftercare advice you need to keep discomfort to a minimum too.

How can I get a dental crown?

You should only be considering a dental crown once you’ve spoken to a professional who can offer you a comprehensive treatment plan after a thorough assessment of your smile. Book a consultation with us today to discover your treatment options and see how Bentley Mathieson Dental Clinic can help you get the beautiful smile you’re searching for.

Do crowns ruin your teeth?

No, crowns are there to protect your teeth. But, they can be damaged just like your regular teeth by things like infection or trauma to the mouth. That’s why it’s essential to keep on top of your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing regularly.

How long does a crown stay on your teeth?

Dental crowns can last between 10 and 30 years, depending on the individual. If you look after your height, you can expect it to last a very long time. They are just as likely to break or get damaged as your regular teeth, that’s why you should take extra care looking after them.