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Digital Smile Design

Our principal dentist Dr Bentley is a pioneer of digital smile design (DSD) – a concept initially designed and developed by Brazillian dentist Dr Christian Coachman.

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Excellent Dental practice. Been going to June for years and the level of work and aftercare I have never once doubted. I would highly recommend Bentley Mathieson to anyone. Not so sure to why anyone would post anything negative about the practice or there methods and I’m not entitled to NHS towards my bill so paying for a service like Dental care is always at a premium for me. maybe down to an individuals experience or the individual having his own issues. Keep up the good work Team!. 😉

Dr Bentley helped introduce the DSD to the UK by organising one of the first courses.

Digital Smile Design principles are intended to help the dentist and patient design the perfect smile.

Digital Smile Design helps dentists to:

  • Improve treatment planning to design more aesthetic smiles
  • Improve communication between clinicians and specialists involved in the case
  • Improve patient communication and empower patients to participate in their treatment plan and smile design process

Digital Smile Design recognises that patients want much more than just problem-free smiles. Patients also want beautiful, radiant smiles which act in overall harmony with their aesthetic ideal and reflect their more profound sense of self.

To achieve this takes more than just good dentistry. Dental professionals must utilise advanced visualisation techniques and second-to-none communication with both the patient and fellow clinicians.

Digital Smile Design in Hartlepool

Together, our team must rigorously pursue the fundamental question: What does the patient wish to express through their smile?

To assist, we use the latest digital imaging software, including video, photography and clinical software, to precision-plan treatment in partnership with you, the patient. Digital smile design allows you to work with us on perfecting even the most minor of details.

It also allows you to visualise the outcome before treatment begins accurately. 

Digital Smile Design is a simple yet radical concept that has quickly gained popularity with dental professionals worldwide, thanks to its extraordinary effectiveness in delivering bespoke treatment.

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Digital Smile Design FAQs

How does a Digital Smile Design work?

We’ll take high-resolution images of your smile so we can study, assess, diagnose and implement your treatment digitally. We’ll explore the relationship between your teeth, gums and lips so we can draw up the most accurate design for your new smile digitally. 

From there, we can plan your treatment virtually, and you’ll be able to see your results before treatment has even begun. It means every professional involved in your case can assess and treat you together, and the communication between parties is increased.

How do you design a smile?

There are many components to consider when approaching a smile design. Things like incisal lengths, tooth dimensions, zenith points, axial inclinations, interdental contact area (ICA) and point (ICP) Incisal embrasure. Plus, we have to think about soft tissue components such as your gingival health (gum health).

What’s the smile principle?

The principle of the smile line is that the line created by the edges of your teeth should mirror the smile pattern in your lips.

The smile principle, on the whole, refers to the general overview of your smile and considers the lines and shapes your smile forms.

Will my new smile look natural?

Absolutely. One of the benefits of smile design technology is that we can plan your treatment and results based on exactly how you want your smile to look. When you tell us you like your smile to look natural, you can be guaranteed that it will.

Can any dentist provide Digital Smile Designs?

No. Only dentists like Dr Bentley, who have undergone the rigorous training associated with Digital Smile Design, can offer it as a service to their patients. The activity revolves around a clinician using Digital Smile Design technology during a case, and industry experts will analyse the success of their work. That’s why, when you opt for Digital Smile Design services at Bentley Mathieson Dental Clinic, you can be assured that you’re receiving top-quality dental care.