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Emergency Dental Care

Breaking a tooth through an accident or injury can be highly traumatic.

If you’ve broken a tooth, it’s essential to contact a dentist straight away – even if it’s just a minor chip. Whether it’s minor damage or more severe – the quicker a dentist sees you, the better chance they have of repairing the damage or re-implanting the lost tooth.

Getting an appointment quickly could you prevent more serious issues from developing in the future. If you have lost a tooth, it’s crucial to keep it clean and avoid touching the root.

You may be able to re-insert the tooth and keep it in place by biting down on a cloth or paper towel. This will give your dentist the best possible chance of restoring the lost tooth later on.

Our team will smooth uneven edges for chipped or broken teeth and restore any missing material with a tooth-coloured filling. Broken back molars may be repaired with a crown.

If you need emergency dental care, don’t wait before booking an appointment. Hesitation might worsen your situation and cause more damage, so you should call us straight away.

Claire McMurdo Cook reviewed on

Excellent service and care today when I needed an emergency appointment. Thank you to the very helpful receptionists and fantastic Mr turner and hygienist who put me at ease and did a brilliant job of extracting my tooth. Would recommend this practice!

Emergency Dental in Hartlepool

We offer same-day and emergency appointments for everything from chipped or missing teeth to toothache, abscesses and more. We can help you restore your smile and even plan long-term treatments and share your options with you.

We’ll also help you address preventative care solutions, so you don’t have to worry about things like relapse or any further damage.

Care from our expert team will soothe dental pain and ensure a long-lasting, healthy solution to help you avoid future problems.

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Emergency Dental Care FAQs

What can an emergency dentist do?

We can do whatever it takes to diagnose and treat the problem you come to us with. The amount of treatment and help we offer will depend on the pain you’re in or the damage inflicted.

We can offer pain relief to make you more comfortable, and we can even extract a tooth if we think it’s necessary. We won’t conduct any treatment without thoroughly explaining it entirely to you to make informed decisions and be in control of your treatment.

What is a true dental emergency?

A dental emergency can come under many different labels. Some are more severe than others and range from a spreading infection, trauma to the mouth or excessive bleeding. You can call us about pretty much any dental issue you might be facing, and we can decide how best to treat you.

Can an emergency dentist remove a tooth?

We’ll only remove a tooth if there’s absolutely no other choice. We’ll diagnose your issue and assess whether we can save the tooth first with treatment such as fillings, crowns or a root canal. One of the main reasons we might not be able to save a tooth is the spread of decay deep into the tooth.

What’s the most common dental emergency?

Many people come to us with toothache caused by trauma to the mouth or even simply teeth grinding.

How do you avoid dental emergencies?

Sometimes accidents can happen, but you should at least take precautions to protect your smile. Things like wearing a mouthguard while playing contact sports, avoid chewing hard things that could crack a tooth and always use scissors instead of your teeth to open things.

Is a broken tooth an emergency?

Unless you’re in a lot of pain or there’s a lot of bleeding, a broken or chipped tooth isn’t usually considered a medical emergency. But, you should still contact our clinic to book an appointment for treatment.