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Sensitive Teeth

If you experience shooting pains when eating or drinking something hot, or if the thought of eating ice cream is enough to make you wince in pain, you may be living with sensitive teeth.

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This condition can be a burden to those living with daily pain and limited diets. If this sounds familiar, it’s essential to seek help from a dental professional who can identify the cause and treat the condition.

There are many reasons you may suffer from sensitive teeth. Protective tooth enamel may have been worn away and eroded by natural daily wear, exposing the dentine beneath. This leads to pain whenever the tooth is exposed to extreme temperatures.

Tooth erosion is most often caused by a diet that is high in sugar and acids. It can also be caused by grinding (bruxism), over-brushing and some medical disorders.

Sensitive Teeth Treatment in Hartlepool

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our team. We’ll discover the cause and design a personalised plan to banish sensitivity and ease your discomfort.

Thanks to the efficacy of our state-of-the-art equipment here at Bentley Mathieson, we can provide you with a bespoke treatment plan that assesses, diagnoses and treats your tooth sensitivity. We can also provide you with any advice and will always be here to guide you through any aftercare.

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Sensitive Teeth FAQs

Why do I have sensitive teeth?

There are all sorts of reasons as to why you might have sensitive teeth. Some of them include shop-bought whitening kits which can be very bad for your enamel. Sensitive teeth are caused by the wearing away of your enamel. That’s why it’s essential to get the issue seen so you can restore some of the protective layer lost with your worn away enamel.

How can I help sensitive teeth?

There are many treatments on offer that vary depending on the condition of your teeth. Contact our clinic to find the best option for you.

How can I prevent sensitive teeth?

Use a toothpaste containing fluoride to build up the strength of your enamel. Tooth sensitivity is usually caused by erosion of enamel. This can occur for many reasons like brushing too hard, grinding your teeth at night, using a hard toothbrush or regularly consuming acidic drinks or foods that can wear down your enamel.

Other things like broken teeth, decay, worn down teeth or cracked fillings can expose the dentin, causing sensitivity. Therefore, getting these damages repaired swiftly can also prevent tooth sensitivity.

How do you treat sensitive teeth?

If your tooth sensitivity is mild, you can usually treat it using over-the-counter toothpaste and mouthwashes explicitly made for sensitive teeth. They’ll help restore the enamel in your teeth to protect against what’s causing the sensitivity.

If your sensitive teeth don’t improve, you can book an appointment with your dentist, and we can prescribe you some toothpaste and mouthwashes to enable your teeth to heal and become protected again.

What are the symptoms of tooth sensitivity?

Sensitive teeth are super common and can be characterised by sharp shooting pain in your teeth. This pain usually occurs when drinking or eating something hot or cold and can be very inconvenient. 

Some people also experience pain while brushing or flossing. If you experience sensitive teeth while brushing or flossing, you should contact us straight away as the worst thing you could do is stop brushing your teeth to avoid the pain.