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Six Month Smiles

There are millions of adults in the UK today who aren’t satisfied with their smile. Many think it’s too late to change it and don’t consider orthodontic treatments. But, thanks to our straight away, and high-tech equipment, you can have the straight smile you’re searching for.

If your confidence is taking a back seat because your smile is misaligned, crooked or gappy, look no further than orthodontic treatments right here in Hartlepool at Bentley Mathieson Dental Clinic. We offer a whole range of treatments to get you looking and feeling fabulous.

Adult teeth straightening is often unfairly thought to be invasive and even embarrassing. But now, with Six Month Smiles®, you can have the beautifully straight smile you want without anyone else noticing you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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they are so good, Mr Bentley knows how scared I get and does his best to reassure me, I won’t go to anyone else now.

Six Month Smiles in Hartlepool

We think Six Month Smiles® is perfect if you’re someone whose social life or career doesn’t allow them to wear noticeable chunky metal braces.

Six Month Smiles® will gently move your teeth using virtually invisible braces, giving you stunning results in an average time of just six months.

Your braces will target the ‘Social Six, ’ meaning that we’ll only treat the teeth you see when you smile. Even during treatment, your smile will look the same as the braces used will be a natural tooth colour.

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For more information on Six Month Smiles and to find out how you can get the perfect smile you’re searching for, call us on 01429 221 353 or Contact Us.

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Six Month Smile® FAQs

How much does the Six Month Smiles® cost?

Prices can vary depending on different aspects of your case. You should contact our team today to find out what the best treatments options are for you.

Who can get Six Month Smiles® treatment?

Pretty much anyone can benefit from Six Month Smiles as long as you’re eligible. You should contact our practice to arrange a consultation with us and find out how suitable you are.

How long do the results from Six Month Smiles® last?

Your results can last indefinitely with the correct aftercare and commitment to an excellent oral hygiene routine.

Do Six Month Smiles® hurt?

No, it might feel strange at first, but you’ll soon get used to your braces. We’ll give you all the aftercare advice you need to keep discomfort to a minimum too.

How can I get Six Month Smiles® treatment?

You should only be considering Six Month Smiles once you’ve spoken to a professional who can offer you a comprehensive treatment plan after a thorough assessment of your smile.

Can Six Month Smiles fix an overbite?

Overbite in adults is one of the more tricky treatments to straighten up. However, we can design treatment for you, including Six Month Smiles if your preference or something we think would benefit you. Some treatments can take a little longer than six months, but we’ll always make sure you fully understand all of your treatment options and help you make an informed decision as to which treatment you’d like to go for.

Can I straighten my teeth myself?

You shouldn’t try any DIY dentistry, especially if you haven’t consulted a professional. Always book an appointment with a dentist who can guide you through any issues you might be having. The worst thing you can do is try DIY dentistry, as it often fails with potentially dangerous outcomes. The results could be more damaging to your smile and could see you requiring further work and attention to your teeth which can be costly.