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If you or your partner suffers from snoring, obstructive sleep apnea or other breathing difficulties during sleep, you may be surprised to learn that dentistry could help.

There are various treatments on offer that dentists can provide to help your partner lessen the impact snoring is having on your life.

Treatment for Snoring in Hartlepool

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Here at Bentley Mathieson Dental Clinic, we are pleased to offer patients a range of custom-fitted, bespoke appliances that could stop snoring and other sleep-related breathing problems.

The appliances work by preventing the airways from closing during sleep by gently holding the lower jaw in a natural forward position. They are designed for a comfortable fit using impressions of your teeth and produced in hard-wearing plastic to give years of nightly use.

You could compare the device to some form of sports guard in their design and shape or an orthodontic retainer. However, they’re only to be worn at night to reduce the impact of snoring. 

They work by gently positioning your tongue and jaw slightly forwards to encourage the opening of your airways and lessening collapse that causes snoring.

For long-lasting solutions to snoring, contact our clinic today. Our friendly, welcoming, and highly experienced team can provide you with the best solutions for your snoring troubles.

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Snoring FAQs

How much do snoring solutions cost?

Prices can vary depending on different aspects of your case. You should contact our team today to find out what the best treatments options are for you.

Who can get treatment for snoring?

Pretty much anyone can benefit from snoring treatments as long as you’re eligible. You should contact our practice to arrange a consultation with us and find out how suitable you are.

How long do snoring treatments last?

We will make your appliance from hard-wearing material, giving it long-lasting results for your snoring problem.

Does the snoring treatment hurt?

No. It’s not dangerous or unsafe at all.

How can I get treated for snoring?

Contact our clinic today to discover the treatment options we provide for you or your partner’s snoring habits.

Can snoring be cured forever?

There aren’t any known cures for snoring that would abolish it permanently from your life. However, devices such as the ones we offer here at Mathieson Bentley Dental Clinic can reduce the severity of snoring whenever you need to. There are ways you can lessen your chances of snoring naturally, too. Things like losing weight and eating well can contribute to snoring less.

Is snoring bad for your health?

Snoring isn’t seen as a health risk. If you snore occasionally, then you can expect to be fine as long as you or your partners’ sleeping pattern isn’t too disrupted; that said, if you snore loudly and constantly, your snoring might not just affect your partner’s sleep but yours too. This can result in or be a symptom of obstructive sleep apnea.

Which exercises help you to snore less?

You can exercise your tongue to help reduce your snoring. One exercise includes placing the tip of your tongue against the back of your upper front teeth and moving along the roof of your mouth 5-10 times. This can strengthen your tongue and throat muscles making it less likely for you to snore.

Why do I snore so loud?

Snoring is caused by your throat muscles relaxing so much that they partially block your airways, causing them to vibrate. The more blocked your airways become, the more forceful your breathing becomes as your body tries to push more air through. This, in turn, increases the vibrations.