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White Fillings

Dentistry has come a long way since the days of metal and amalgam fillings. If you’d like old-fashioned fillings replaced with something more aesthetic and discreet, tooth-coloured or white fillings could offer a solution.

White fillings can improve your confidence, mainly when applied to areas of your smile that other people can see. Amalgam fillings are often used for teeth at the very back of the mouth. White fillings are much more aesthetically pleasing.

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Getting White Fillings in Hartlepool

When replacing amalgam fillings, our team will first clean the tooth of any decay before removing the amalgam or metal filling. We’ll then replace the old filling with a modern tooth-coloured composite designed to match the shade of your smile perfectly.

The result is a perfect smile without a hint of black fillings or amalgam. You can leave our clinic with your head held high and your smile wide. 

And modern tooth-coloured fillings don’t just look fantastic – they are also incredibly hard-wearing and designed to give many years of use. You can look after your fillings by not trying to open anything with your teeth; you should always use scissors. You should also avoid biting hard things like nuts or unpopped popcorn and chewing pen lids.

Get the sense of confidence you need to smile wide with your new white fillings. Thanks to their discreet aesthetic, you’ll never look back.

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White Fillings FAQs

How much do white fillings cost?

Prices can vary depending on different aspects of your case. You should contact our team today to find out what the best treatments options are for you.

Who can get white fillings?

Pretty much anyone can benefit from white fillings as long as you’re eligible. You should contact our practice to arrange a consultation with us and find out how suitable you are. White fillings are a prevalent treatment and are pretty easy to look after, so there’ll unlikely be any issues receiving white fillings.

How do I care for my white fillings?

You should always keep up a regular and healthy oral hygiene routine. By looking after your fillings brushing the same way, you would typically extend your fillings’ longevity.

How long do white fillings last?

Your fillings could last you years if you take good care of them. You can take care of your fillings by not biting hard things like nuts or chewing on pen lids. You should also avoid tearing anything open with your teeth, which can stress your fillings and potentially damage them.

You should look after your fillings by brushing regularly and flossing at least once a day like you usually would. This will improve their aesthetic and potentially help them last longer.

Do white fillings hurt?

No, they might feel strange at first, but you’ll soon get used to them. We’ll give you all the aftercare advice you need to keep discomfort to a minimum too.

How can I get white fillings?

You should only be considering white fillings once you’ve spoken to a professional who can offer you a comprehensive treatment plan after a thorough assessment of your smile.

How long do I have to wait before eating after a filling?

Usually, we recommend not eating or drinking anything up to two hours after getting your filling or fillings. This allows them to settle, and you can also adjust to the feel of them being there. All of which lessens the likelihood of your fillings coming out or getting damaged.

Do white fillings need to be replaced?

Your filling will likely need replacing after a long time. It takes many years of wear and tears on your fillings for them to become damaged, chipped or cracked – it’s at this point when you’ll need it replaced.